Creative consultancy

Looking for an original, unexpected perspective? Having trouble thinking out-of-the-box? Wondering what the best way is to effectively promote your fantastic product with the right audience? Our creative team is the perfect sparring partner to generate new ideas with you, designed to lift your company to the next level.

English & Dutch copywriting and (corporate) journalism

Our international team consists of seasoned and skilled copywriters with expertise in (corporate) journalism and writing for intranet and the Internet. Besides that, we have years of experience in commercial copywriting, public relations and travel journalism.
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Video production

Online video is a modern and efficient communications tool. We can arrange and supervise an entire video production from inception, a treatment, a complete screenplay, storyboards, shooting, editing and post production.

The OOQ Scan: Online On-Spec Quality Scan

As they say, “you only get one chance to make a good first impression“. If your first online impression is overshadowed by clumsy, incomprehensible ‘Dinglish’ and/or corporate jargon, potential clients will surf on without batting an eye. That’s a pity, a missed opportunity and it’s completely unnecessary. We can solve this problem with our Online On-Spec Quality Scan.

The OOQ Scan means we scan your site on speculation (no gain, no pain). The Scan identifies the main linguistic and communication problems and proposes solutions. We can also take the problem completely out of your hands by taking over the maintenance of your site. This service is also part of our Engagement Messaging Programme (EMP)

EMP: Engagement Messaging Programme

In physics, EMP stands for an ‘electromagnetic pulse’. Our Engagement Messaging Programme is designed to unleash a wave of synergy in your company or organisation by engaging your workers, clients and other internal and external stakeholders.

You’ve got the message, we’ve got the medium

Nowadays there are scores of communication tools to engage people. We select the best multi-media mix for you, tailored to your message and audience. We offer a combination of the following tools in English and/or Dutch:

*Maintaining websites

*Writing clear, engaging memos or (digital) newsletters

*Producing company magazines and/or E-Zines

*Producing communications tailored to mobile devices e.g. iPads, tablets, smartphones

*Maintaining social media networks e.g. Twitter and Facebook to encourage a dialogue between internal and external stakeholders

*Writing tweets for change agents within a company or organisation

*Producing (online) videos for promotion, motivation, inspiration, information, instruction or all five

*Managing public relations and/or press information.

This is EMP!